Content Creators Find New Way To Monetize Their Brands Via Bitclout

As Bitcoin and other blockchain networks sweep the financial world, one blockchain decentralization project, Bitclout, has created a new way for content creators and social media participants to monetize their brands.

What is Bitclout? Bitclout is a social media app that is decentralized, meaning no centralized party has the ability to kick people off and delete posts. When logging on, the interface feels like Twitter, where you can like, follow, and soon re-post your favorite posts.

Bitclout combines this decentralized social media application with a “reputation stock market”, so anyone can buy coins, or “shares” of their favorite accounts. Bitclout has also reserved accounts for celebrities and influencers, so they can monetize their existing brand when they join the platform, and not have to worry about imposters using their name for profit.

The concept is simple, the more coins of an account that is purchased, the higher the price goes, and inversely, the more that account’s coin is sold, the lower the price goes. Bitclout also gives each creator more of their own coins to own as the price goes up, incentivizing creators to join the platform, where they are given money in the form of a “Creator Coin” for their likeness.

One TikTok influencer, @TradeMeProject, has begun to take full advantage of the new platform, as she is using her social media accounts with over 5,000,000 followers to encourage people to buy her coin. She plans to run a full fledged marketing campaign to bring awareness to the platform, as well as to maximize the value of her creator coin, and ultimately, her brand.

Other accounts, such as comedian Theo Von, and brothers Ed and Brian Krassenstein are using Bitclout to promote decentralized social media usage in addition to promoting their other businesses. Other namely people using the platform are Kygo, Call Her Daddy, the Winklevoss Twins, Pamela Anderson, and Wall Street Bets, among others.

Bitclout also has some big backers, with some of the biggest venture groups in the space funding them, such as Coinbase Ventures, Social Capital, Sequoia Capital, Winklevoss Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz.

To get started with Bitclout, you need to send bitcoin to after signing up. Happy Trading!

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